2021 Affordable Health Insurance Plans in Utah

Finding health insurance in Utah has never been easier. You can view plans and prices via healthcare.gov, the federally run Affordable Care Act-compliant marketplace. In Utah, an extension due to COVID-19 allows plan participants to enroll until August 15, 2021. 

Highlights and Updates

  • Utah residents enroll through https://www.healthcare.gov at the federally facilitated marketplace. 
  • Short-term health insurance in Utah is available for up to 36 months.
  • The average monthly benchmark for 2021 health insurance premiums in Utah is $472.
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How to buy Health Insurance in Utah 

You can buy a plan on the federal exchange if you do not have health insurance from the state or your work. Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three primary health insurance classifications in Utah. The costs vary depending on the plan you select, but all coverages include essential services. As you progress through the tiers, the monthly premiums get more expensive but include more services. Low-income residents can get health insurance through Medicaid. 

How to Apply for Health Insurance in Utah

The health insurance application process is simple in Utah. First, visit the federal marketplace. Then, enter your information and browse the available plans. Pricing is based on the tier level you select, but you will have access to essential services regardless of which plan you choose.

Health Insurance Carriers in Utah

Utah has six health insurance companies offering coverage via the Federal marketplace: Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah, BridgeSpan, Cigna, Molina Healthcare of Utah, SelectHealth, and University of Utah Health Insurance Plans.

What are the Cheapest Health Insurance Companies in Utah?

Utah has six health insurance providers to choose from on its state exchange.

  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah
  • BridgeSpan Health Company
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
  • Molina Healthcare of Utah
  • SelectHealth
  •  University of Utah Health Insurance Plans

 Depending on your county of residence and preferred plan type, some providers will be more affordable than others. Compared to 2020, the average health plan premium is 3% cheaper in 2021.

How has Obamacare Helped Utah’s Uninsured?

This year, a record 207,911 people enrolled in Utah’s marketplace health plans and had 11,000 enrollees within the first week of the Special Enrollment Period opening in 2021. These figures are nearly double what they were in 2020.

Utah Health Insurance Costs Overview

Utah has three primary metal tiers for health insurance: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Utah?

According to the KFF, the average benchmark premium in Utah is $472 in the year 2021. 

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What is the Cheapest Health Insurance Plan in Utah?

The Bronze health insurance plan has the lowest premium and coverage level. Premiums are approximately 4.83% of your household income or $221 monthly for a 35-year-old single adult with an annual income of $55,000.

Cheapest Utah Health Insurance Coverage by Metal Tier

According to Healthcare.gov, health insurance plans start at the following prices for coverage in each metal tier below.

Gold Plans

Molina Healthcare’s Confident Care Gold is the most affordable Gold plan. The premium is $393 a month, the deductible is $2,925, and the out-of-pocket maximum is $6,500.

Silver Plans

SelectHealth’s Value Benchmark Silver plan is the cheapest in the Silver tier, with monthly premiums of $386. The deductible is $6,500, and the out-of-pocket maximum is $8,550.

Bronze Plans

The SelectHealth Value Benchmark Bronze plan is the most affordable Bronze health insurance coverage with premiums of $221 per month, an $8,550 deductible, and an $8,550 out-of-pocket maximum.

Utah Health Insurance Costs by Occupation

What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Student in Utah?

Healthcare options for students in Utah include school-sponsored plans that are typically low-cost and comprehensive. Alternatively, students can stay on their parent’s plan until age 26. 

What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for the Self-Employed in Utah?

Self-employed individuals in Utah can sign up for coverage through the federal marketplace.

What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Small Business Owners in Utah?

In Utah, small business owners with 50 employees or less can enroll in the optional Small Business Health Options Program on the marketplace at Avenue H. Some businesses qualify for a Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

Utah Health Insurance Costs by Number of Participants

What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Families in Utah?

A non-smoking family of four earning $55,000 annually with two young children would pay around $821 monthly for Bronze tier health insurance. Some families may qualify for a subsidy or tax credit, depending on income level.

What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Individuals in Utah?

Across all health insurance tiers, the benchmark price for individual coverage in Utah is roughly $419. 

What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Child in Utah?

If your income exceeds the threshold to qualify for Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Utah offers low-cost coverage for kids and teens.

Other Types of Utah Health Insurance Coverage

Catastrophic Health Insurance in Utah

For individuals under age 30 or those qualifying for a hardship exemption, Catastrophic health insurance plans are available in Utah under the federal ACA marketplace. 

Short Term or Temporary Health Insurance in Utah

Individuals can obtain short-term health insurance in Utah for up to 36 months. You can purchase coverage from private insurers any time of the year.

Low-Income Health Insurance in Utah

Medicaid is available to eligible low-income residents in Utah.

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