2021 Affordable Health Insurance Plans in Georgia

Georgia’s healthcare marketplace can be complicated to navigate, as each county supports different health insurance plans. Open enrollment has been extended to August 15, allowing additional time to research pricing and plan options. Georgia residents can complete their enrollment through the healthcare.gov website.

Highlights and Updates

  •       Georgia has a federally facilitated marketplace that utilizes certified partner websites for enrollment. For a list of certified enrollment partners, visit healthcare.gov/direct-enrollment.
  •       Open enrollment in Georgia is from November 1 – December 15. However, it has been extended to at least August 15 due to COVID-19 relief efforts.
  •       Georgia’s short-term health insurance aligns with federal guidelines. You can purchase short-term health insurance for a one-year policy, but you can renew the policy for up to 36 months after it expires.
  •       The average monthly benchmark premium cost in Georgia is $456.
  •       The insurance plan available to you and its pricing will vary based on the county you live in.
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How to Buy Health Insurance in Georgia

49% of Georgia residents carry insurance through their employer. If you do not receive health insurance benefits through your employer or the federal government, you can access the certified partner enrollment sites via healthcare.gov. Georgia is planning to host its own healthcare coverage online marketplace, the Georgia Access Model, but it will not be available until 2023. Availability varies based on where you live, but six insurers offer healthcare coverage in Georgia: Alliant, Ambetter from Peach State Health Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia, Kaiser, Oscar, and CareSource.

Insurance is provided at three different options with varying costs and options. These tiers are referred to as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For some low-income residents, health insurance may be available through Medicaid. Georgia also offers catastrophic insurance plans through the federal health exchange.

How to Apply for Health Insurance in Georgia

Enrollment is simple and can be done through the federal marketplace, healthcare.gov.

Demographic information is important to Georgia residents, as not all insurance partners are available in all counties.  For instance, Anthem (a Blue Cross company) offers coverage in only 75 counties in Georgia, and they have indicated intentions to scale back coverage in Georgia.

Health Insurance Carriers in Georgia

Georgia has six health insurance carriers:

  •  Alliant
  •  Ambetter from Peach State Health Plan (Centene)
  •  Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia
  •  Kaiser
  • Oscar
  • CareSource

What Are the Cheapest Health Insurance Companies in Georgia?

The cheapest health insurance companies in Georgia are either Ambetter or SoloCare by Alliant.

How Has Obamacare Helped Georgia’s Uninsured?

Georgia opted not to increase its Medicaid coverage after the Affordable Health Care bill passed. The number of Georgia residents with no health insurance has declined since 2013. The rate of uninsured residents in Georgia dropped to 12.9%, decreasing from 18.8%.

Georgia Health Insurance Costs Overview

Georgia offers three tiers of health insurance – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Georgia?

The average monthly health insurance benchmark premium in Georgia is $456.

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What is the Cheapest Health Insurance Plan in Georgia?

The cheapest health insurance plan in Georgia is Anthem Catastrophic Pathway X HMO 8550. This catastrophic plan can be purchased for a one-year policy term. The monthly cost is $264 with a deductible of $8,550. For non-catastrophic plans, the cheapest insurance plan is Ambetter Essential Care 1, Bronze tier. This policy costs $341 monthly and carries an $8,330 deductible.

Cheapest Georgia Health Insurance Coverage by Metal Tier

Gold Plans

CareSource Marketplace Gold is the most affordable Gold plan. The premium is $415 per month. The deductible is $2,000, and the out-of-pocket maximum is $6,500.

Silver Plans

CareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver is the low-cost Silver plan, with a premium of $416 per month. The deductible is $6,000, and the out-of-pocket maximum is $8,550.

Bronze Plans

The most affordable Bronze plan is Ambetter Essential Care 1, with monthly premiums of $341, a $7,700 deductible, and an $8,550 out-of-pocket maximum.

Georgia Health Insurance Costs by Occupation

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Student in Georgia?

Georgia does not require that its residents carry health insurance. However, the Affordable Care Act made it possible for students to stay on their parent’s health insurance policy until 26. Though the state does not require residents to carry health insurance, some schools in Georgia may require students to. Many of these schools offer on-site clinics and health insurance plans through the school or university.

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for the Self-Employed in Georgia?

Self-employed individuals can sign up for a health insurance coverage plan on the federal marketplace.

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Small Business Owners in Georgia?

Small business owners in Georgia may enroll in the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) on the marketplace to select affordable rates for themselves and their employees. The costs vary but start at $200.98 per month. Some employers may also qualify for a tax credit of up to 50% of the employer’s contribution.

Georgia Health Insurance Costs by Number of Participants

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Families in Georgia?

Health insurance rates may vary in Georgia due to the limited availability of health insurance carriers in various counties. The average monthly premium for a family of four is approximately $1,437. That number can vary based on the number of participants and income.

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Individuals in Georgia?

The average cost of health insurance for a forty-year-old individual is $456.

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for a Child in Georgia?

Children in Georgia might be eligible to receive Medicaid, or Georgia’s State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) benefits at little to no cost through Georgia’s PeachCare for Kids (PCK). Through this program, there is no premium for a qualifying child who is under six years old. The fee for one qualifying child over the age of six ranges from $10 – $35 per month; for two or more qualifying children, the range is $15 – $70 per month.

Other Types of Georgia Health Insurance Coverage

Catastrophic Health Insurance in Georgia

Catastrophic health insurance plans are available for purchase by Georgia residents through the federal exchange, healthcare.gov. These plans have low monthly premiums but carry high deductibles. They are intended for use during dire circumstances and are an affordable option to protect yourself financially from unexpected serious injury or illness. These plans are generally only available to qualifying individuals under the age of thirty.

Short Term or Temporary Health Insurance in Georgia

There are no state-specific regulations on short-term health insurance in Georgia. The short-term plan duration can be up to 364 days. One should be aware, however, that these short-term plans may not meet all the requirements of Obamacare plans.

 Low-Income Health Insurance in Georgia

Low-income Georgia residents can apply for Medicaid. 

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